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Just a short week 'til our first gig with the "new" Line-Up! We'll let you know a.s.a.p. how it went and also how it'll go on! ;-)


On26th of July, in Hamburg we'll play our first gig with the "new" Line-Up. It's "just" a private party, but for us it is a statement because no matter what happens in "Railroad", we'll walk forward. We wanna thank all the musicians who reacted to our advertisement and came to our auditions! Last but not least we wanna thank our loyal fans, those who never lost the faith in us and supported us with countless mails! More Live-dates very, very soon!


We had to cancel ALL gigs for 2014 and our Studiosessions in January, because of the disinterest, arrogance and disaffection of one person! Nevertheless we wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


We are searching for a new guy on Lead Guitar! If you think you're the right one, please contact us!


A new gig in 2014 is confirmed. We'll rock the "Kamphuis" in Quickborn, Germany on April 12th!


The gig at CAFE STENZEL is cancelled!


We hadn't many gigs the last 2 month because we are pretty busy with our new album. But now we start to work on our agenda for 2014. Still in 2013, on Nov 8th we'll play at the "Cafe Stenzel" in Hamburg, Germany. The new material sounds pretty good and we hope to get our first recordings of some of the new songs in August during our rehearsals. We'll hear ...!


It was again, the real "Rock'n'Roll" to be on tour with the guys from Little Caesar! Guess it'll be continued, pretty soon!;-) One short word about the "Meisenfrei Blues Club", Bremen! WOW!!! We enjoyed it a lot! Thanks to Timo for the brilliant sound and to everyone in the crowd! You guys were great and we'd love to get back some day!

We'll now concentrate on our new songs for our new album, coming out next spring! You'll get news about that and about new gigs here, pretty soon!


Was a blast again at the "Kamphuis"! We "just" rocked the House and nothing really strange happened.;-)

Not so good news. Our gig at the "1683 Bar" is cancelled by the Owner of the Bar.


We are looking forward to the rescheduled Gig at the Kamphuis, Quickborn. Because of the circumstances the last time, we aren't 100% "Ready To Rock", no we are 110% ready to kick some ass! See you there!

In our shop section you find a very hot offer! Where To Go, something good, On The Run(live in the netherlands) and a T shirt (hammer boogie package) for just 42,- EUR(incl shipping Europe) or 45,- EUR(incl shipping worldwide)! - JUST FOR A SHORT PERIOD! -


We are back from our little trip through the UK island. First stop at Quofest III, Rhyl, Wales on Saturday 23rd. It was a blast and surprised a lot of people with our way to play the boogierock! ;-) Big thank you to the "Welsh Boogie Brothers" Daz and Rossi! You are stars!

Next stop at Moses Gate, Bolton on Thursday 28th. We never thought we have so many followers and supporters ;-) Great gig, good sound and a "Ready To Rock" crowd.

3rd stop at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland on Friday 29th. Real nice venue and a bunch of mad Scotch, what more do you need...?

4th stop at Nelson Rock Bar, Sheffield on Saturday 30th. A lot of new faces, but familiar behavior! Heads down and no nonsense ....!

Thank you to anybody who joined our gigs and supported us.


Another show confirmed! We'll support "Little Caesar"(USA) at the Hafenklang, Hamburg on June 10th!


Because of what happened last weekend at the Kamphuis our schedule changed a bit. The date of our rescheduled gig at the Kamphuis is April 27th and already known! Because of that, we are on at the 1683 Bar in Hamburg/Harburg on May 18th!


We rescheduled the Kamphuis Gig on April 27th!


Chris collapsed just minutes before our gig at the "Kamphuis" last saturday and the Ambulance brought him into the Hospital. Fortunately he's fine and home again! Thank you to everyone at the "Kamphuis" for understanding the situation. Thank you to Olaf and his Team as well. We talked about the fact, to reschedule the gig for sure. When it'll be, you'll get to know here or on our Facebook page, pretty soon.

On June 11th we'll supporting the lads from Little Caesar(USA)at the Meisenfrei, Bremen(DE)again. After our last time together with them on stage, in Switzerland last year, we're really looking forward to meet them again!


The next date to confirme. On march 30th we play at "The Nelson Rock Bar" in Sheffield, UK! More infos in our gig section! Thanks to Ali! You know for what ;-)


A happy new year and a new gig to announce. On april 27th we'll rock the 1683 Bar in Hamburg, Germany. 6 gigs in 5 different countries is not bad at all!


Another new gig in 2013 to announce. On march 28th we'll be rockin' at "Moses Gate", Bolton, UK!

It'll be a very very "Frantic March" 2013! More dates hopefully pretty soon!


A new gig in 2013 is confirmed. On march 9th we'll be back at the "Kamphuis", Quickborn, Germany!

We hope to announce some more gigs for the "Frantic March" 2013, pretty soon!


Another gig is confirmed! We'll play on friday march 29th, at the "Ivory Blacks", in Glasgow. It'll be a "double" one, together with the guys from "Backwater" A big Thank You to Ian Hill and of course Kieran(Backwater)for getting both bands together and arranging everything at the venue! We're working on it to get more gigs and announce it here, soon!


We'll play Quofest III, in Rhyl, Wales in 2013! Quofest III will take place at Rhyl rugby and social club vale road Rhyl ll182ph north Wales on the 22/23 march 2013. Bands confirmed are: Railroad; Predatür; State of quo; Backwater; Quo job; Wearside jack! Details pretty soon!


Long time no news, but we had to talk about a lot of things a bit and apologize for that! Good news is, the "story" will go on! ;-)
We have new gig-dates, but not all of them are confirmed til now. Confirmed is our gig in the Netherlands on January 12th 2013 at "Iduna", Drachten, NL . Together with the Sideproject of Arne and Tim, the Status Quo band (singin` in the friesian language), Stiet As Quo!
Later we`ll be back on the "Island" again. United Kingdom we are comin`! Dates and details pretty soon!


Now, we are back home from our little Summer-Tour. Stops were Arnstadt(DE), Uster(CH), Küssaberg(DE), Kerkrade(NL) und Bückeburg(DE). Gigs on July/5th at "Sambuko", Küssaberg(organisation problems) and on July/8th at "Fair-Cafe", Schortens(illness) sadly had to be or were cancelled. One more time "Sorry" to the "Fair Cafe"!

We had a hell of fun on our trip and we have to say thank you again and again to Diana and Robert! That you could stand us for so long is unbelievable! Thank you as well to Karin and Prostie! It was again "Roggn Rohl" together with you and at your place.
Please have a look on our Facebook Site(link - left above) and you don't need to log in to watch our photo's, btw!

Next stop ist the 30th anniversary of our friends from the MC Daring Eagles on August/4th!


Another show on our "On The Run..." tour is confirmed. On July 5th we'll rock the "Sambuko Musik Pub" in 79790 Küssaberg, Germany. Details in our "show-section"


Loads of news here! On our little summer tour we are on July 6th at "The Rock Temple", Kerkrade, NL to support the british band The Union! On July 7th we are in Bückeburg at the "Schraub Bar" for an Open Air gig! For details have a look at our "show section"!

Also news in our "shop section" because the new Shirts arrived!!


On August 4th we play at Daring Eagles MC for their 30th Club-Anniversary. We really look forward to this. It's always a party to be there.
More shows soon!

Rowi, friend, ex-neighbour and one of the biggest Railroad supporters, died a couple of days ago. Our thoughts are with his wife Brigitte! Keep your head high and stay positive like you always did.


Another review of our current Live CD "...On The Run...live in the netherlands" is on the austrian page Stormbringer.at online!
If you wanna know/hear more from our new album, there's a special show on Wednesday march/7th on the Internetrockradio SQRR Radio and Boogieman Manfred will introduce "...On The Run...live in the netherlands" in full lenght!


Another show is confirmed! On Sunday July/8th we play on the "Rock'n'Roll Afternoon" at the Fair-Cafe in Schortens, Germany! Details in our "show-section"!

We updated our "shop-section" another time. We have a special "America-shop" for oversea order and stuff like that! Take a look!Btw, you can order our CD's at Rock CD as well. Just click on the banner right above!


There is a new review of our live album online. This time it is in the dutch language and you can read it on Lords Of Metal.NL , but the dutch people wouldn't be dutch people if they wouldn't put one in the english language online as well and this one you can read HERE!

We are pretty busy writing new stuff for our next studio album and the first ideas are sounding bloody good. Release should be in early 2013. Let's see if we can stand all the pressure!;-)


The pics of our gigs at the Schraub-Bar and Ma Kelly's are on in our "pics-section"! Thanks for it to Janis and Anki.


Another review is online! The guys from Rocktimes.de had a listen to ...on the run...! Sorry, but it's in german language as well.


Another gig is confirmed! We'll play on June/29th at the Rockkneipe "Jungfer" in Arnstadt! More gigs follow!


Well, we opened up the new year with giggin' as well. The CD presentation was, like always a pleasure at Ma Kelly's and we have to say thank you for the warm welcome, again. Pictures of the last 2 gigs, at the "Schraub-Bar" and "Ma Kelly's" follow!

The first reviews of our new album "...on the run...live in the netherlands" are online, too. On Metalglory.de and on Home Of Rock you can read the german reviews!

The gig at Rock City, Uster, Switzerland had to be rescheduled on June/30th 2012. Then we are together on stage with the US Rocker from Little Caesar for a big "Summer Party"! Let's see what's up there! First we see you at the Kamphuis in Quickborn on March/31st 2012!


A happy, healthy and hopefully rocky new year!

A lot happened in our "shop-section" the last few days and we have a very special offer for you, now! You can order all 3 CD's,"Where To Go"+"something good"+"...on the run..." for just 40,-EUR incl. shipping WITHIN Europe! A Must for every Hardrock'n'Boogie Fan.

We really look forward to the upcoming saturday, Jan/14th at "Ma Kelly's", Frieschepalen and some more new dates in 2012 are waiting for their confirmation!


We have updated the "shop-section" and you can order and pay your order with a simple click on the "buy now" button! Please, be patient if it don't work as usual in the biginning! Happy New Year!


Yesss, we got it and nearly in time because we said round Dec/28th 2011 should be the release! It worked, it looks good and of course it sounds pretty good(that's more important)!So, you think now ..."what the hell, is he talking about?" ... you should know there's a new Railroad CD out now! "...on the run...-live in the netherlands" is it called and right now it's on its way to numerous critic-pages in the www. For all those here some important information about production, mix and mastering. Olman Viper @ Hertzwerk, nullzweistudio Hamburg(www.Hertzwerk.de) didn't use any overdubs etc in the studio and simply mixed and mastered the recordings. What you get to hear is what a pure "RAILROAD" gig sounds like these days. Loud, on the level, dirty, not always 1000% correct, but rockin', rollin' and asskickin'!

Of course you can buy the CD right now! Click into our "shop-section" and then on the CD cover, or simply an E-Mail to shop[at]Railroad-rocks.de with your order and adress and for 14,- EUR(incl shipping within Europe)you'll get the CD to your home!

We wish all of you a happy new year and hopefully see you at one of our shows in 2012!


Wow, what was that? The Schraub-Bar nearly "sold out" and for germany a never expierenced atmosphere. Bückeburg and surroundings take a bow from us!We'll be back, for sure. Nice to see some well known faces in the "front" as well. Always good!!

A big "thank you" to Karin, Janis and the biggest Boogiemaniac in Germany, Christian aka Prostie! Unbelievable what you 3 did for us!

Since friday we got our Master CD and we didn't stop listening to it in search for some weak points, but til now we didn't find anything! 14 Rockers will be on the CD and additional to that, the drive, fun and dirt of an original "Railroad gig" will be included! We hope that the CD is available til christmas.


Another gig is confirmed! On January 14th 2012 we present our new CD "On The Run" at "Ma Kelly's", Frieschepalen, The Netherlands!

More gigs soon!

Not even 2 weeks to go and we'll rock the "Schraub-Bar" in Bückeburg! After the long break we are really keen to enter the stage again!!


The Mix is done, the Cover also! In the beginning of december the Mastering should be done as well and we are planning to bring the Master CD to our Gig at the "Schraub-Bar" in Bückeburg. We're talking about the Master CD and not about Copies for sale. Listening-yes, buying-no, not already. The CD will include 14 pure Rock'n'Roll songs with a lenght of 74 minutes! Details pretty soon!


Time for an Update!!

We got loads of positive reactions on Facebook and via Mail about our new released bunch of videos on Youtube! And that's why we have to announce some "news"! We in Cooperation with "Paddi" recorded our gig at the Crossed Guitars Festival and we are busy to select a playlist for the upcoming "live CD"! The sound of the videos is a Mix of the recorded Gig(rough Mix) and the Video recording! We are really happy with the result and will join the Studio for the mixing procedure pretty soon! Thanks to "Nico"(Mapped Out) for the rough Mix as well!


We have the new date for the rescheduled gig at the "Schraub-Bar" in Bückeburg, Germany. It'll be on December 3rd 2011!

We also have new videos in our "video-section" from the Crossed Guitars Festival 2011 for example!

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